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I'm Alaina!  Based in Los Angeles, CA, I work as a freelance videographer specializing in music video and commercial direction. I approach all of my work with empathy and true storytelling. My videos are microcosms of storyworlds I get to collaboratively create with each one of my clients.  Together, we create an intimate time capsule. 


My work has a true to life feel to it - my edits are simple, nostalgic, but have a cinematic touch that makes everyday life feel like a movie. That’s why I started this - I feel strongly inspired by the cinematic moments I find in my everyday life and the lives of those I get to meet on this journey. 

When it comes to me as a human being, I believe in positive energy, honesty, and integrity. I'm sentimental, excited, and passionate. I don't have much of a work life balance because my life is my art, and so much of what I create is so close to my heart that it never feels like work. While yes I am a videographer, I'm also a dreamer - I'm an encourager. I'm lucky and grateful every day that I get to fall in love with the world through the most personal form of media that exists. It will always be such an honor and privilege to be let into other people’s stories.


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