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I'm Alaina, I'm creative, and I make things happen - especially when it comes to video production. Based between Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA, I currently work as a freelance videographer, photographer and creative producer.  I usually let my work speak for itself, but in a nutshell, I strive deeply to capture the joys of being a passionate human. I tend to skip the fancy edits and simply just let life move.  

When it comes to me as a human being, I believe in positive energy, honesty, and integrity. I'm emotional, excited, and passionate. I don't have much of a work life balance because my life is my art, and so much of what I create is so close to my heart that it never feels like work. While yes I am a videographer, I'm also a dreamer. I'm an encourager. I try not to take myself too seriously, I break my own rules, and I truly believe we're all limitless in what we can accomplish. I'm lucky and grateful every day that I get to fall in love with all the world has to offer through the most personal form of media that exists. I'm ecstatic to continue capturing life's most awesome moments alongside the coolest people!

I'm very active about sharing my adventures and stories on my instagram @lainabooth. check it out below!

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